Data Lakes

Ingest, cleanse, transform, master and store data from varied data sources using cloud-native scalable yet cost-effective technology.

Enterprise Data Systems

Deploy enterprise grade data systems like data lakes, warehouses, operational data stores, etc.

Cloud Data Lakes

Deploy cloud-based scalable data lakes on the AWS Athena, Spectrum or Azure Data Lake Service platforms

Data Warehouses

Develop small scale data warehouses on traditional databases like PostGres, Amazon Redshift, MySQL or SQL Server.

Master Data Management

Integrated Customer MDM with address standardization, fuzzy matching, rules based golden record creation and data stewarding interfaces.

Enterprise ready features

Enable enterprise-grade security, scalability, reusability and functionality while remaining cost-effective.

Configurable Data Ingestion

Configuration based data ingestion framework to quickly onboard new data sources, profile them and integrate into reporting layers.

Varied Data Sources & Formats

Integrate JSON, flat files, positional, csv, XML, parquet and other columnar data storage formats to enable blending of data from varied sources.

Data Security & Compliance

Enterprise-grade layered security architecture, role-based KPI and data access, GDPR compliant framework with privacy enhancing features.

Analytics/Reporting/ML/AI pipeline integrations

Deliver ingested data, KPIs and metrics to downstream analytics tools, reporting engines and feed into machine-learning and artificial intelligence data pipelines.