Whayn : B2B E-Commerce Platform

B2B E-Commerce platform for medical consumables with integrated supply chain management. This includes workflows for a variety of users such as suppliers, dealers, sales representatives, business admin, hospitals, etc.


The client manufactures and supplies medical products to B2B Marketplaces. They sell items like bandages, clinical tapes, cotton rolls, and masks. Dealers, pharmacies, hospitals, and other businesses buy products from our clients. These products are always in huge demand as healthcare is an important sector in India. In their operations, around ten employees were managing manual tasks, orders, and invoicing. They used spreadsheets to handle the customer, product, and order data. Inquiries, rate cards, and inventories of all products were also managed on spreadsheets. These manual tasks needed 10-12 people to maintain the spreadsheets because it was very time consuming and tedious work. They also needed to take care of the errors which needed to be rechecked and corrected.

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Problem Statement

The engagement of our client’s resources in these manual tasks was becoming a big problem. The

 organization was not able to focus on expanding its business in other states. A lot of time was devoted to managing spreadsheets. They needed a solution (B2B E-commerce platform) to counter these problems:

• Organize product and order data, rate cards, inventories, etc, across many warehouses.

• A feature-filled and easy-to-use platform for dealers to place orders.

• An Individual platform for customers to buy products.

• A secure B2B E-commerce platform that can help customers make online payments easier.

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For two months, our in-house team examined their business and analyzed their requirements. During this period, our team met with the client founders on a regular basis to gain a deeper grasp of their business, concerns, and requirements. In the wake of understanding, the entire team created mock-ups for each need. For example, our team of developers created an operational dashboard to manage their orders, inquiries, rate cards, and other items. Subsequent to making these mock-ups, the founders provided feedback, and revisions were made based on their suggestions. By using a similar approach, our team was able to create a platform for dealers to easily buy items while also reducing the burden of invoicing. Our team also created an e-commerce site for individual customers, such as hospitals, pharmacies, or dealers, who may purchase things directly from the site.

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We discovered that after setting up this system, the client staff was more productive. The operations team ramped down from 10 at one point in time to 4-5 at present. A comprehensive, fully integrated B2B e-commerce platform meant the overall operations became hassle-free with a significant amount of time being saved. A highly visual analytics dashboard enabled the team to better assess demand for their various items and, as a result, manage the inventory and bookings accordingly.  The client has ventured successfully into several states with a significant amount of growth in recent years.

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Tech used

  • VueJS

  • Quasar Framework

  • Docker

  • Mongo DB

  • Flask

  • Akeneo Integration

  • Bitrix