React vs Vue: What do I choose for my new startup? Marketing February 5, 2021

React JS VS Vue JS
React, and Vue are two front-end javascript web frameworks used to build user interfaces. As an entrepreneur of

a startup, it’s critical to choose the best user interface builder for your company. But the question arises
which one should we pick? Both are good in their own way, which creates confusion. Both of them use a Virtual
DOM are lightweight and exposes a lifecycle approach. Also, they are component-based UI development frameworks
to enable the reusability of UI.

Let’s understand both of them separately and briefly to decide which one we should pick.


React, which is also known as React.js, is a type of JS library that follows a declarative style of programming.
Jordan Walke developed it to target the specific needs of Facebook. That’s why Facebook and related communities
have powered this up since May 2013.
We can make single-page and mobile applications with it. It allows us to create large web applications that can
change based on data. It is very fast, scalable, and simple. A variant called React Native has a native approach
that will help us to make IOS, Android, and Web applications from a common codebase.


Vue which is also referred to as Vue.js created by Evan You and a team of 24 developers financed via
crowdfunding. It was aimed at improving available JS tools in February 2014.

Vue is an open-source model view used for building UI and single-page applications. It is a JS framework used
for desktop and mobile app development with electron or Cordova frameworks.

React vs Vue

There are certain parameters on which we can compare both of these frameworks. We must take a look at some most
important parameters:

  • Coding style
  • Flexibility
  • Documentation
  • Syntax
  • Community and Popularity
  • Job and Hiring

Coding Style

React uses JSX style, where both HTML and CSS are expressed via JavaScript with XML syntax. Everything in React
is treated as a component by the JS framework.

Vue has a coding style that resembles much of the web development scenario. It separates CSS, HTML, and
Javascript. It has a more traditional approach and is more structured to separate concerns.


React is flexible and doesn’t come with any kind of in-built routing solutions. Advanced state management and
composable UI is possible with React.

Vue is also flexible and also allows the composable UI approach. A companion library called vue-router enables
Javascript frontend routing as well.


React’s documentation is less effective in comparison to Vue’s. React follows old-school tradition. Its
documentation is not well structured and accessible.

Vue has amazing documentation with new concepts and clarity. It has very clear and precise documentation which
is easier for a newcomer to learn and implement.

That’s why we prefer Vue over React based on documentation.


React uses JSX syntax extension of regular Javascript. JSX is used because it is faster than a normal
javascript. In React, we can use JSX syntax with normal JavaScript syntax.

Vue uses HTML template syntax. Usually, developers are familiar with HTML templates which help them to use Vue

Community and Popularity

React is backed by Facebook which gives React worldwide popularity in the early-stage immediately after its
launch. It is also used on multiple Facebook projects. It has a big and more popular community than Vue.

Vue is not backed by a big organization and has a smaller market share. But it is growing gradually as per
time. But it remained very popular in its home country in its initial years. It has fewer resources and packages
as compared to react.

Job and Hiring

As React has a more popular and big community, more experienced and skilled engineers are available than Vue.
It is easier to find an experienced React developer who can understand the job in less time and work

Vue is also growing day by day which will gain people’s attraction towards it. People are interested to learn
Vue which will increase the number of vue’s developers rapidly in a few years. Also, vue comes third in the
list of technologies programmers most loved in 2020.

These are some parameters that give us information to compare both frameworks (React & Vue).


Now we can give the answer to our question which framework is best. It depends on our business needs. If we
want to develop a large app then react can be used. If we want our developers to have access to better
documentation then we can prefer vue. So, it is very tricky to choose between both of them. But for a new
startup, react is preferable to view because it is more popular which will help us to find experienced
developers. Also, since it is lightweight and offers a simple JS design, we can create a large app with it. It
also allows developers to make their own designs.

However, every business has various needs and preferences. That’s why it is better to choose according to your
needs after researching both of them in detail. For more reach out to us at Incentius.