Press release 2013-12-12 – Incentius Launch Marketing December 12, 2013


Incentius launches to provide analytics and integration support to consulting companies worldwide, primarily in the sales compensation, analytics, and effectiveness space. The company’s aim is to act as a force multiplier for consulting companies. The company will provide technology and operations support to consulting companies to help them maintain a laser-beam focus on their business and achieve better client growth and satisfaction.

Incentius’ unique model is designed to provide affordable, high-quality, performance-driven results for consulting businesses. The company hires highly motivated and dedicated individuals from “best-in-class” schools and
invest in their professional development. Incentius has designed a rigorous professional development program has been instituted to continually expand analysts’ knowledge, upgrade their skills and improve their ability to deliver.
Training is given under several practice areas like analysis design, operations management, and tools development

Incentius‘ founders have years of experience in sales analytics, operations, and administration. They form part of an in-house advisory team that provides key business and industry insights to all analysts to discharge their duties. This creates a key value add that clients receive. As a result, services offered include
experience and industry knowledge in addition to excellent resources.

Incentius is committed to pushing the technology frontier in tools and techniques used for sales analytics and operations. The advisory team is constantly looking to apply standard tools from other practice areas to sales
analytics, including machine learning techniques, predictive modeling, etc. This helps consultancies gain key technology skills despite busy client servicing schedules.


Sujeet Pillai

Sujeet has over a decade of experience in managing Sales Analytics and operations processes. He also has key technology knowledge that, along with his experience, helps him create innovative, cutting-edge strategies to achieve
client goals.

Mohit Dubey

Mohit has years of experience in sales compensation administration. He has been an entrepreneur for several years now and brings on board some key general management skills, entrepreneurial experience, and administration skills.