Hire Adept Node.js Developers for Effortless Web and App Development Marketing August 4, 2021

Node.js is among the top ten technologies preferred by both digital honchos like Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, IBM, PayPal, and LinkedIn as well as startups. These organizations make use of this open-source JavaScript runtime framework for the development and maintenance of their online portals. It is the most popular framework used to develop highly effective server-side solutions and tools. A whopping 51% of the worldwide developers use this JavaScript runtime framework because of its speed and multi-user proficiency. It is a combination of library, framework, and other app development tools that streamlines web application development and ensures effortless app development. Thus, there is a great demand for developers with multiple companies looking to hire skilled and experienced Node.js developers. 

This open-source JS-based framework has a wide range of applications and hence it has been used across diverse industries and technology. Seeing the multiple benefits of this framework, an increasing number of companies wish to make use of this technology for developing solutions and hence they hire Node.js developers for building web applications in real-time. It is a highly comfortable framework that eases the application development process. Application development is faster with this framework, as Node.js developers can build and execute the code on the server-side.  

Skills to Look for while Hiring Node.JS Developers

Node.js is reigning in the app development arena with a majority of software development companies including this framework in their development services. Since Node.js is mostly used for large-scale applications where information is exchanged directly between the user and server, so it becomes essential for the companies to carefully hire Node.js developers. While hiring Node.js developers businesses need to look for some vital skills such as:

  • Good understanding of the front-end and major principles of API development
  • Ability to work with databases and cloud platforms
  • Quick to spot and fix issues in the app development process
  • Capable of delivering streamlined, readable, and well-documented code
  • Knowledge of agile development methods
  • Node.js developer should be a team player besides having technical skills

Benefits of Hiring Node.js Developers

Node.js, a robust development environment, is easily becoming the standard for enterprise level-applications because it increases productivity and boosts the performance of applications. Hiring a professional Node.js developer will reward with the following benefits:

  1. Node.js developers can build everything from messaging apps to streaming data apps to IoT products while reaping its benefits like excellent performance, scalability, cross-platform development, rich ecosystem, uniformity in data streaming, and more.
  2. Node.js developers make use of an extensive set of code to develop scalable software applications and the use of JavaScript makes it easy to connect to databases, build plugins and frameworks, create a web server and perform numerous tasks. Due to these flexibilities, software development time is reduced.
  3. Technical complexities hide in Node.js, making the app run concurrently across networks and Node.js developers can create a web server with just six lines of code. 
  4. Node.js also enables developers to create scalable technology by breaking the application logic into smaller microservices to ensure flexibility and build the groundwork for future growth.