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Market Intelligence Survey And Profiling

Gather market intelligence from your customer, partner, dealer universe using surveys and continuous feedback mechanisms. Generate rich analytical insights, identify statistical trends and benchmark organizational KPIs to make well-informed data-driven decisions.

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Advanced survey platform

Supports commonly used and more complex survey components like matrix grid questions and response dependent/dynamic question pathways

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Responsive design

Mobile and tablet friendly data collection interfaces and reporting

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Communication Portal

Provide self-service reporting, analytical dashboards, status tracking, through intuitive interfaces

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Continuous feedback APIs

Integrate with other stakeholder touch systems to collect realtime feedback and aggregate intelligence in a unified module

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Captive audiences

Collect information from a preselected targeted list of respondents for highly qualified intelligence and subsequent profiling for future use

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Alerts and Notifications

Trigger alerts and reminders during the survey lifetime based on key events and deadlines

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Data Access

Provide complete access to submitted own data and summaries of all respondents data post data privacy filtering for respondents. Raw data access for administrators with appropriate access rights

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Analytical Dashboard

Derive insights from analytical dashboards with survey driven interactive charts and integrated geospatial visualizations

Value Proposition

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Data privacy

International data privacy regulations adhered to with fine grained access control

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Enterprise-grade security

Application built on enterprise international security standards

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Rapid Deployment Cycles

Bespoke diverse organizational customizations with rapid deployment cycles for adapting to change

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Support respondent universes of all sizes

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Cloud Deployment

Cloud based secure deployments with option for private clouds

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Easy data access

Full access to repository that stores raw data and outputs for all data collection rounds

Potential Use Cases

Performance indicator benchmarking tool

Market Profiling tool

Collect social & demographic indicators for non-profit or governmental organizations