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Geospatial Integration and Visualization

Develop and deploy business applications that overlay data and workflows on a geospatial layer. Allow your customers, employees and partners to derive geospatial insights, discover relationships and identify geographic footprints of business entities.

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Rich visual data overlays

Generate data-driven visual overlays to identify patterns and hotspots

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Integrated search engine

Search full-text and metadata search within geographical boundary contexts

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Interactive user interface

Toggle between, filter and combine across various data dimensions for quick visual comparisons

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Boundary set switches

Visualize several boundaries sets overlaid on same geographical map

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One click data access

Download detailed data reports for further analysis

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Entity drilldown

Discover relationships between entities by drilling down/up on geographic markers

Value Proposition

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Supports varied data and relational complexities

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Cloud Deployment

Private cloud based secure deployments

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Enterprise-grade security

Application built on enterprise international security standards

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Data pipelines

Load geospatial and related data through configurable data pipelines

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Administrative interface

Inbuilt administrative interface to maintain relational data

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User behavior tracking

Track user activity and navigation patterns to improve future experience

Potential Use Cases

Formulary guideline tracking and search

Geospatial search within the documents produced by governing organizations

HCP influence mapping and relationships