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Digital Assets Library

A unified system that helps organization to surface digital data assets available across the organization and discover them by searching rich metadata associated with them. Included features enable collaborative categorization, robust data governance and derived insights from your data supply chain

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Dataset Governance

Customizable workflows to govern access, visibility and updates to your assets

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Advanced Asset Discovery

Full text, advanced metadata search and organic social discovery on your asset repository

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Analytical Insights

Obtain deep analytical insights on your asset access, usage and engagement

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Customizable metadata

Collaboratively enrich data assets with contextual searchable metadata including tags, comments, descriptions, attributes and reference material

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Geospatial Visualisations

Analyze geospatial dimensions to your digital data assets

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Data pipelines to integrate disparate asset sources

Value Proposition

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Discover Data usage

Discover and engage on how various stakeholders are utilizing key digital data assets

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Better ROI on data assets

Improve ROI on digital data assets by democratizing access and usage

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Enterprise-grade security

Application built on enterprise international security standards

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Bespoke diverse organizational customizations available at lower costs

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Support repositories of all sizes and different organizational needs

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Cloud Deployment

Cloud based secure deployments with option for private clouds

Potential Use Cases

Digital media asset inventory for e-commerce

Marketing asset repository for large & geographically diverse sales organizations

Commercial healthcare datasets library including third party data sources