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Data Processing Engine

Automate complex business rules processing within Incentius’ configurable data processing engine. Ingest data from varied sources, cleanse, transform, map, compute and integrate with downstream applications to automate your enterprise.

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Create an automated business data pipeline between your diverse applications to create a synchronized organization

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ETL capabilities

Ingest data from varied sources, cleanse and manage data quality, transform legacy data, compute metrics and datasets and integrate with downstream applications.

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Parameter based business rules

Tweak and control your business rules using parameters that are accessible from web interfaces with audit tracking

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Complex business rules capable

Apply complex business rules including statistical filtering, outlier management and complex date logic processes.

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Execute pre-trained AI/ML models

Integrate your trained AI/ML models into your organization’s business processes to achieve operational excellence.

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Operational Interface

Track input availability, ingestion status, data quality metrics, and downstream job executions. Kickout anomalous records, trigger manual jobs and monitor synchronization processes.

Value Proposition

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Flexible infrastructure options

Use Incentius proprietary data processing engine or leverage your internal purchased ETL system as infrastructure.

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Supports varied data and integration complexities.

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Cloud Deployment

Private cloud based secure deployments

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Enterprise-grade security

Application built on enterprise international security standards.

Potential Use Cases

Lite customer matching MDM systems.

Incentive Compensation calculation engine.

Deploy an ecommerce recommendation model.

Integrate legacy systems with replacements during transition phase.