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BI Dashboard

Our BI Dashboard platform allows for organizations to rapidly build, iterate and deploy business intelligence dashboards across a variety of functional areas. The platform supports visual, modular HTML/CSS reporting with rich charts, data tables and even custom visualizations that is secured behind robust security and fine-grained access control.

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Deploy rich highly customizable charts and graphic visualizations with data overlays as well as custom built visualizations to model your business processes and metrics

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Data pipelines and connectors to integrate, cleanse, and rationalize multiple data sources enabled through a configurable data preparation engine

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Multi-device capable

Create progressive, web-based, mobile-friendly, and data-driven dashboards accessible from multiple devices

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Our HTML and Excel reports offer interactivity, so users can discover more about organizational data, metrics and processes and manage them for the highest level of success

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Export your data and graphs and metrics through CSV, Excel and PDF downloadable content

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Security and Access Control

Create a unified dashboard for multiple user groups and provide appropriate access using fine grained access control mechanisms

Value Proposition

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Scales with user base and data volumes

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Cloud Deployment

Private cloud based secure deployments

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Enterprise-grade security

Application built on enterprise international security standards

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User behavior tracking

Track user activity and navigation patterns to improve future experience

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Customize your dashboard to your organizational branding and build to your exact vision

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Cost effective

Deploy and customize dashboards at significantly lower operational costs than big box BI applications

Potential Use Cases

Healthcare Commercial data business intelligence

Healthcare market access metrics dashboard

Financial modeling and portfolio performance dashboards

Public health metrics and outcomes dashboards