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Our Partners

The Incentius Partnership Program

Incentius Partnership Program is one of the most astute programs where all our partners can accelerate their effectiveness and enhance their offerings by engaging in a strategic engagement with us. We are focused on providing high-quality solutions to address complex business problems.

01 Initial Meetup

Incentius would engage with the partners and develop a strong understanding of the scope, associated pricing and potential size of the market

02 Independent Research

Our strong sense of judgement and a powerful network around the globe would help us conduct our independent research

03 Frontend Prototype

Incentius produces a frontend only minimum viable prototype in an short sprint in collaboration with the partner

04 Prototype Demo

The minimal viable prototype will be used to demo the potential application amongst the target market collaboratively with the partner

05 Solution Formulation

Incentius will gauge the prospect interest, collect prospect feedback and use that to formulate the aspects of solution offerings

06 Minimum Viable Version

Based on the gathered intelligence and refined knowledge of target persona a partnership agreement will be entered into to build a minimal viable product

07 Go To Market

With the minimum viable product, the partner and Incentius will then collaboratively go to market

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Join Hands with Incentius Today !!!

Incentius is a mature technology company with over 6 years of experience supporting the development and maintenance of high-end B2B enterprise software. We are looking for Joint Ventures/Partnerships/Customers who believe they have unique domain experience, business knowledge, and are looking to solve real problems in their respective domains.

Incentius as a company has an experienced team with strong technical skill-sets primarily in developing B2B platforms with complex business flows. Our platforms use scalable, secure technologies and come armed with built-in analytical dashboards, strong integrations, and mobile-readiness. We are currently looking to build a mature partner ecosystem on top of these capabilities.

Our founding team’s combined experience of over 50 years, strong business and technology expertise and a world-class team of innovators enables a seamless experience of services from rapid product development, client engagement and high quality delivery support.

We offer our potential partners a unique development model that enables a rapid go-to-market strategy for new products/services with reduced financial risk.

What Incentius contributes?
  • Development skills.
  • B2B enterprise software platform expertise.
  • Complex business rules capable.
  • Featuring analytical dashboards.
  • Utilizing scalable new-age technology.
What we expect?
  • Domain expertise and business knowledge.
  • Industry contacts for scaling out platform.
  • Sales potential.
  • Existing consulting / services businesses .
Benefits of partnership:
  • Unique development strategy.
  • Focus on building prototype based on initial set of requirements.
  • Early buy-in from a few potential clients.
  • Reduced overall risk.
  • Shared development & IP costs.