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06 February 2020 / Sumeet Soni and Sujeet Pillai
Hunter-Farmer Analysis: Are your salespeople hunters, farmers or bit of both?

Hunters work on capturing new accounts, whereas farmers ‘farm’ the base of existing accounts for incremental or supplementary sales. Some sales positions however have both responsibilities within their roles. When you have such sales positions in your organization, it becomes important to gauge how different salespeople within such sales roles are behaving. This Hunter-Farmer analysis helps you to understand the nature of different segments of sales people in such roles and gain insights into the characteristics of your sales process.

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27 January 2020 / Ankur Prakash Singh and Sujeet Pillai
Address Standardization: An effective tool in your MDM toolbelt

Standardizing address terms and enriching the address with additional information is key to greater automated intelligent match and merge of customers and reducing data steward effort.

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19 November 2019 / Marketing
Incentius unveils INCENTIVATE - a sales incentive management solution

Incentius announces the launch of INCENTIVATE an intuitive, scalable, flexible and cost-effective sales incentive management solution with built-in IC intelligence.

16 October 2019 / Marketing
Incentius unveils its redesigned website

Incentius, a mature technology company is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website –

11 September 2019 / Sujeet Pillai
Wow! 6 years of Incentius!

Every organization irrespective of the industry at some time or the other wants to conduct a survey (either internally and/or externally) for various reasons around gathering information or collecting feedback.

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