Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Infrastructure Management
Need a reliable partner to outsource your entire cloud management to. Incentius managed cloud services help you cut costs, while deploying resources in a security conscious manner on the cloud and provides your company a competitive advantage.
Cloud Data Backup
Incentius cloud experts helps clients implement a data backup strategy with any cloud storage service like AWS S3, Glacier, Azure File Storage, GCE Storage, etc.
Applications Migration
Migrating a legacy application from on-premise to the cloud. Our cloud experts can assist in provisioning, designing infrastructure stacks, fault tolerance and configuring availability and redundancy for migrating your application to the cloud.
Data Archive on Cloud
Incentius cloud experts can help clients implement data archival strategies on their existing applications with lifecycle management, reliable deletion and attain cost reduction while meeting SLAs for their data archives.
Leverage the advantages of continuous integration & delivery with the help of our experts, and effortlessly minimize integration time, improve code quality, reduce project risks, and more.
Data Migration
Need to migrate data from a legacy application to a cloud based application with a new schema. Our data migration can help you migrate, transform, cleanse and manipulate data into your new schema.
Database Administration
Incentius database administration services enables high accessibility and optimal functioning of your database. Periodic checks and maintenance is performed and logs maintained. Problem troubleshooting and pattern-based consulting for query performance, database accessibility, and automation is also available.
Network Management
Building and maintaining a cloud private network with connections to your corporate network and client/partner networks can be challenging. Incentius Network Management Solutions can help you make this a breeze.
Cloud VPN Service
A Cloud VPN allows businesses to maintain and protect their private cloud resources while seamelessly accessing those resources from within the corporate network. Incentius helps businesses to set up their cloud VPN and relevant connections to their corporate and other cloud environments
Incentius DevOps solutions help businesses to align their IT and system operations with their strategic goals for rapidly and reliably, producing high-quality software-based products and services.
SDLC consulting
Incentius consulting can help design documentation, a code branching model, deployment and release management strategy and help implement, monitor and audit the process
Deployment Automation
Need to constantly deploy new releases in your agile application. Incentius can help automate deployment processes while maintaining environment separation, compliance with industry standards and security.
Infrastructure Monitoring
Incentius monitors usage stats of your servers and other resources like disk space usage, memory, network bandwidth, request counts, and remote infrastructure services. Any incidents are tracked using our incident management strategy.