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HR Analytics

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HR Analytics

Incentius offers unique analytical services to slice and dice data belonging to different areas in the human resources function and improve overall performance of the function by attracting and recruiting the right talent, train talent effectively, track performance of new hires and promotions while keeping primary focus on improving employee performance and retention.

As part of our practice, we support organizations in various areas such as:

Attrition/Retention Analysis

This analysis is effectively done using historical attrition data. Attrition analysis essentially works as a health check of the corporate culture, associated policies, available support and guidance mechanism and review system. It generally is very helpful in determining the effectiveness of current retention policy of the company and how the company has evolved over a period of time.

Comprehensive attrition data analysis allows you to create suitable employee retention policies for your environment while at the same time identify and work towards strengthening the areas responsible for voluntary or involuntary terminations.

The distribution of Voluntary and Involuntary terminations gives you a bird's eye view of resource retention policy of organization. High rate of involuntary attrition demands serious analysis over recruitment decisions of the organization.

Sub par performance and corporate policy breach are the two key factors for involuntary termination, which can be avoided by proper analysis of technical and behaviour aspects of candidate respectively during the recruitment process.

Analysis of Voluntary Attrition becomes very important for the organization as it tells you the level of satisfaction of employees in the organization. In order to properly analyse voluntary attrition, data needs to be analyzed using different parameters such as tenure, region, department, role, manager etc.

New Hire Effectiveness Analysis

It is important for your organization to analyze the performance of your new hires in any role. When a new hire starts working in an organization or a new role, he/she takes time to understand the new expectations and learn the skills required to be successful in a new environment. It is advisable for any organization to fix an appropriate ramp period depending on the complexity of the role where new hires are given smaller milestones to achieve while developing essential relationships and skills to be successful in the long run. Incentius allows organizations to estimate appropriate ramp period for each role based on analysis of similar historical data. This ramp period is really important to keep new hires motivated and engaged during the initial period. Incentius also helps you understand the difference in performance of internal hires vs. external hires on various parameters and eventually helps you identify competencies to be used for feeding your internal and external recruitment pipeline.

Training Effectiveness Analysis

Today’s business environment has become a lot more dynamic which requires you to constantly upgrade skill set of their employees using various training programs. These training programs become an essential tools for new employees or the ones changing role for them to become aware of a new environment and associated expectations. It is really important for organizations to monitor the health of their employee training programs by using various metrics such as employee improvement index, employee engagement index etc. These metrics are compared pre and post training program and helps you analyze the effectiveness of the program at different stages of the employee lifecycle. Another key attribute to measure is the attendance rates for opt-in training programs as that helps you analyze the culture of learning within your organization and how your managers/leaders are contributing to those by essentially encouraging their reports to attend.

Recruitment Analysis

Recruitment is one of the most important activities of any human resources department. Having the right process feed the recruitment funnel is essential for ongoing success of your organization. There are several important factors need to be considered while analyzing the effectiveness of the recruitment process:

Visualise the recruitment stage funnel to understand the overall flow of the recruitment process.

Analyze conversion rates at each recruitment stage and correlate them with reasons for rejection to refine the process and interview structure in upstream steps.

Slice and dice the performance of candidates based on source channel to understand the associated success rates.

Incentius ensures that the feedback mechanism also includes correlation of successful candidates with their new hire ramp up period which allows you to further improve the competencies and metrics to evaluate during the recruitment process.